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How do I find a Diamond Appraiser?

The astute most practical method to buy a diamond ring today is to shop on the internet for the highest grade ‘best value’ diamond from a reputable diamond internet vendor. Have that vendor send the diamond to an appraiser in your city so that you may view the diamond prior to paying. Pay only once you receive the ‘go ahead’ from the appraiser. The appraiser will confirm that the diamond matches the GIA, AGS, or EGL cert. The appraiser will also let you know “what kind of deal you’re getting”. But, most important of all, you see the diamond before purchasing.

The appraiser should be totally unbiased, independent and not be trying to sell you ‘one of his own’. The list below includes all the recommended, unbiased, highly recognized appraisers in each major city in the U.S. There is a special comment section where all positive or negative feedback will be supplied to you. hopes this list makes your diamond shopping a profitable and enjoyable adventure.

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Certain appraisers have an international reputation for their extremely high caliber and detailed appraisals. Please click onto the following link to view these appraisers. wishes to thank you for using this site as an invaluable aid in the purchase of your diamond ring.


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